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It’s not easy being a Roman Catholic priest with the last name of a popular beer.  I am the owner of a Corona Beer Museum with every possible article ever made promoting beer. I am always receiving gifts from people. Can openers, bar mirrors, night lights, pool toys and even a pop-up tent!

So how does one distinguish themselves from the priest and the beer? The answer is I’m the one without the lime! Henceforth….this is the name of my blog.

I decided to create this blog from the inspiration of my dear friend and brother priest, Fr. Mike Yadron. Because we are two very busy guys, I do not get the quality time with him like I used to. When he started writing his blog, I felt like my buddy was back. He knows I’ve been worried about him and his health and through his blog I have been able to see what’s going on with him. AND, he was the one who helped me put this blog together. So, THANK YOU MIKE!

One of the first things you’ll see on his blog is a quote from him which says something to the tune of “you may not agree with what I write but at least you’ll know what I’m thinking.” That struck me so deeply because I sometimes get the impression that people feel that I do not have to ability to think and have feelings. In fact, I have strong feelings about many things however I keep much of it to myself. But I’m reaching that point in my life where I no longer fear what other people think about how I approach things. I think it’s called “wisdom”. Okay, maybe it’s something else…..but I find myself speaking out more than I used to do. I just don’t want to turn into a mean and crabby old priest!

It is my hope that I can use this blog to “clear out the cobwebs” and allow myself to be a good human being. I want to be a priest for a long time and I just pray that this blog will be another way to express myself. Give me some time as I learn to steer my way around and figure how this all works! If you comment…..be nice! Or I may have to hurt you! : )