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I have formed a habit of “praying the news.” It’s nothing new. It is merely a different approach by praying for people, places and things while reading. It extends a little further than just “reading the news”.  I see it as a more positive enlightened way we can approach our world. Our prayers have no limits or boundaries but, how God answers them is another matter. So often we pray for the wrong things. But God, in God’s wisdom KNOWS what we need! This doesn’t mean we can’t ask but hold on to your bootstraps because they may be answered in unexpected ways.
Today while watching the news on TV, I saw the footage of the stage collapse at the Indiana State Fair. It was difficult to witness as the stage came crashing down on people. As of now there are four dead and many people injured. I cannot even imagine the horror of being there or being close to the stage as the possibility of being injured or killed was unfolding.
Today my prayers are directed towards all of those good people who were there.

On a lighter note I am also praying for the youth across the world meeting in Spain this weekend for World Youth Day. There are two people from my parish in this mix. I am anxious to hear what Joe and Shannon can share with us!