What’s Growing In Your Garden?

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Ahhh,…it’s Wednesday! My alleged day off. If you lived at your job site you would fully appreciate what I mean. It means not necessarily a day off but time off. But no moss gathers under these feet. I will be busy doing my laundry and other things around the rectory. I’ve already ironed my shirts and picked up around the house. My housekeeper, Michelle (aka Hazel), will be here around 10:00 a.m. to clean up the bathrooms, kitchen, dust and vacuum. She visits every Wednesday to keep things in order. Including me! Often times she will make a suggestion and I will dutifully obey. I like a clean house and with six critters it can be messy.
My pets are house trained with the exception of Bud, my Yorkie. He’s still having “ooopsies with the poopsies”. ┬áThank goodness I have a Little Green Machine to remedy that!
My big project today will be working on the back yard and finish some last minute stuff for a patio party I’d like to have soon. Then it’s off to Johnson’s to buy tomatoes for canning. I’ve been canning my own tomatoes now for 10 years. There’s just something wonderful about your own canned goodness.
On another note I really need to go and pick some peppers out of the garden. I planted several jalapeno plants and serrano peppers. Those serrano’s have a delightful snap to them whereas the jalapeno pepper has a burn that lingers. It’s all good. My cucumbers are crazy. I think they grow overnight. I think they are magical!
Last night we had a meeting for the Festival Chairpersons. It was a very positive meeting where we synergize our thoughts and ideas to forge plans for the festival next year. I feel so blessed to have so many dedicated people who love their parish and sacrifice so much of their time and talent. That’s true stewardship!