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World Youth Day 2011 Spain

I’ve been following the tweets from people who are attending World Youth Day in Spain. Everything seemed to be going well until I saw one tweet that reported that there was no water to be found anywhere. Not good. A definite mood changer especially when I read that the weather has been hot. I hope that since then that this problem has been resolved. But the good news is that our Holy Father has been inspiring the crowds with simple messages; namely, for the attendees to bring back to their communities the spirit and zeal they are feeling as the gather in a world community setting. With that he has told the crowds to become active in their churches and to focus clearly on the Eucharist. This is not a new message but when the messenger is the Pope it has a weighted edge. Let’s face it…..hearing these words from the Number One guy has great value.
This is the spirit that I have been praying for since my arrival at Nativity of Our Savior Parish two years ago. People are good about attending mass but their time and talent is just as valuable.
My challenge is to bring them back to home and getting them involved in other venues that will build up their God given gifts. In short, bringing them home to something that has value. I am currently hoping to get Scripture Study classes formed. I’m looking at the Little Rock Scripture studies programs. I know there are others and I am open for suggestions. It is a proven fact that when people have a better understanding of their faith they are more apt to be involved in parish life. I have also found I will draw more people if the study classes are 4 to 6 week programs. This way people will be willing to make the time to learn. The hook is that they will gain new value and insight to reading, reflecting and praying with scripture. Breaking open the “word of God” is one thing but making it come alive in our heart, minds and souls is forever!