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Rosie in Florence, Italy!

I am up early today. Rosie is going to North Carolina to see my sister Susan. I’m glad she’s going to get away and even happier that my sister is offering this to her. Too bad Hurricane Irene is going to dampen the trip! (Pardon the pun) My mom is very dedicated to my dad who now resides in a nursing home. My mother (Rosie) takes it upon herself to worry. It’s a good thing and a bad thing. But I’ve noticed that her worries are subsiding into a peaceful resignation. This is good news for me. Why? Because I am the one who has been her sounding board. In a sense, I’ve taken this up as my ministry to her. After all, who can she talk to on a daily basis? I’m the one who calls her three times a day to make sure she is OK. I worry about her. That’s a turnaround! If she’s not home at nightfall, I panic. I panic even more if she does not answer her cell phone. In the past she has been out with her friend Ophelia or the cat has knocked the phone of the hook. I even have the phone number to her next door neighbor if mom does not answer her phone or if I get a busy signal. Rosie is turning 83 years old this week. I’m hoping she’s around for a while. I just don’t want her to suffer in her last days. She has become my best friend in my later years. We’re not supposed to be friends with our parents when we are young but that changes as we get older. Two years ago I took mom on a cruise to Europe. She loved it and never in her wildest dreams did she ever see herself on such a huge trip. The photo I inserted is with her in the center of the market in Florence Italy. Legend has it that if you rub the nose of the boar you will return. I don’t believe this that will be the case for her. In October I will return to Florence and I will rub the boar’s nose just for her. In a sense, she will have returned again vicariously through me!