Fruit of Thy Labor!

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Natural Goodness!

Over 10 years ago I earned how to can tomatoes. My mother showed me how easy it was to do. It’s just time consuming and a little messy. There is nothing that compares to having the satisfaction of packing away a piece of God’s creation. It’s a goodness you can savor until you run out. The last time I canned was two years ago. I canned 8 cases of tomato. Not just for me but for my mom. This year I planted at least three different kinds of tomatoes: Big Boy, Roma and cherry. Big Boys are great for sandwiches, Roma for sauces and cherry for salads. Yum!

But this year I’m trying something new……peaches! Last year was going to be the year but they went out of season real quick. But I have a half bushel and am going to give it a whirl. The procedure is just as easy as tomatoes but again, time consuming and messy. I love to eat peach pie or peach cobbler. Or just to spoon some on some ice cream.

A few years back I tried pickles and peppers. They were just …okay. I am so grateful to Michelle Plinovich and Donna Johnson for picking up the peaches all the way from Michigan.