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Nativity Scholars From Days of Old!

I have made it a habit of calling all my Nativity students “Scholars“. I suppose that in my mind they are on their way to becoming scholars once they leave us. For the past several years those students who go on to Andrean High School have been the top scorers in the entrance exams. Along with that the top scored student gets a $1000 scholarship. Portage High School loves our Nativity students too. They always rank in the top ten percent of their class (with a few exceptions). So, calling them scholars now seems like the right thing to do by putting them on the right track.

This year our school is enjoying a terrific increase in enrollment. What is surprising is that we only budgeted for 160 students and we have 184 students enrolled. Some of these kids are coming to us on the new state voucher program but it is still an increase. What I like to impress is that something good is happening here at Nativity.

This morning I will have my first all school mass and I will welcome our students and give them the encouragement they need to begin their school year. I have also made it a tradition to call my Kindergartners “skinny-gartners!” It always gives them a tickle! My second graders are the ones I have marked as my “special” class because when they are in the 8th Grade it will mark one full cycle of my tenure here at Nativity. I hope I am here to see that day.

This past weekend was extremely busy. I didn’t get a chance to post a blog in case you were looking for me. In this weekend I had a funeral for a lovely 93 year old woman, my regular mass schedule with confessions and I canned 13 quarts of peaches and 24 quarts of tomatoes. Needless to say I was one tired Padre last night and it felt good to crash and burn last night.

Today will be busy too. After mass, it will crunch time to get the bulletin sent, set up the homily for next weekend, set up for next weeks bulletin, go to Midway to pick up Rosie (it’s her birthday, Happy Birthday Mommy!), can two more half bushels of tomatoes and anything else that falls in my path! Have a Blessed Day!