Road Trip to IKEA!

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Caveat Emptor! (Buyer Beware!)

I never thought I could be excited about going to a Super Store but that is exactly how┬áI feel! IKEA! I’ve passes this store numerous times, have heard stories about it, saw the commercials, got the catalogue…..woo-hoo! This morning it will be breakfast first with Jenny Chandler who is driving me up to Streamwood to help me pick up a new scooter. I bought it on eBay for $250, however, I have to pick it up. Since Jenny was the one who found it for me online, she also offered to drive me up there to get it.

When I looked at the map I noticed that Streamwood is near Schaumburg and in Schaumburg there is an IKEA! This was a no brainer. We are still outfitting our new school offices with shelving and IKEA is the wonder store for storage. To not make a stop there could be a grave sin. I already know what I’m looking for so this trip has a destination and a goal.

There is a major caveat to this journey. Jenny and I agreed that we would leave all extra cash at home and only get what we are going for! I’m told that IKEA is the “Candyland” of shopping! The trick is to be strong. Perhaps a rosary or two or the intercession of some other powerful saint who can help us to resist the temptation of “shopping till we drop!”

So for today on this day off….my goal is to be home by noon or 1:00p.m. so that I can still go and see the movie “The Help”. Then afterwards, of course, coming home and continue working on throwing stuff out. Speaking of throwing stuff out, one of my kitty-cats brought in an unidentifiable creature that I had to put in the garbage.