A Real Day Off!

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The Crucifix at Nativity.

Keeping the stream of consciousness flowing can be difficult if you do not allow time for your mind to rest. I had hoped that I could make daily journal entries but so many times my day is filled with conversations and encounters that are not appropriate for me to print. That is, sometimes the intensity of my ministry will not permit me to share some of the day to day events. It would be very unprofessional and certainly un-Christlike!

Today was my scheduled day off. I find myself thinking of all the things I would like to do and today I accomplished very little. This is a good thing! I need to rest and restore my energy level. I’m not sure if my parish family realizes how difficult it is to oversee so many issues. Some of the issues that are brought to me border on silliness. BUT, I have to learn how to wade through some of the stories that cross my path. I feel that people want me to take their side when many times it’s very clear they need to make amends. In essence, I have no problem telling folks the truth and often times the truth is hard to bear.

But despite the “silliness” I really do love my job. There is so much I want to accomplish and I have great hopes and a reasonable vision of where I would love to move. Currently I am examining the Little Rock Scripture Studies Program. It’s awesome! I hope people will move towards it with zeal. I love teaching Scripture.

For fun today, I made a whipped cream with cream cheese frosting for a Red Velvet Cake. WOW! Was it ever good! As I sit back I am looking forward to watching the Republican debate tonight. So dear friends and followers, know that I pray for God’s people each day. And I ask you to pray for me.