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Say what?

Now and then someone will tell me that when I was preaching ¬†they felt I was talking directly to them. Often my response is: If it fits, it’s yours! Each week I am challenged with breaking down the word of God into everyday language. Often I like to tell personal stories or use historical tidbits to shore up my point. But my main focus is to be able to challenge people to ask “where do I fit into all of this?” Humanity is riddled with sin and selfishness. It is that lack of perfection that truly makes us “human”. We should never have to apologize for being human because we all have the capability to throw our words , actions and energies into a way that is pleasing to God and God’s people. Sadly, because we are tainted with sin and selfishness, we do not always attain the greater of our being.

But the Good News is that God sent us help in the form of flesh and blood. His son Jesus was born to help show us the way to the Father. What we do with this knowledge is up to us. The way to God requires us to listen and pay attention to what the message teaches us in today’s world. But more than that we are to respond to that call. It is when we respond that our God given gifts come to light and hopefully to life.

If we sit back without listening to the Gospel message, the lesson can become distorted and reinterpreted in a manner that is contrary to what God hopes for us. There are so many obstacles that can cloud our earthly journey and the veil of deceit can easily cover our eyes.

My job is to offer the hand of Jesus and the hope of eternal life. The message is not always easy to hear. If we do not have the ears of faith, hearing the message can be difficult!