The Trouble with Angels!

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Remember the movie with that same title that’s in my header? it was about an all girls Catholic school. Rosalind Russell was the Mother Superior and Hayley Mills was the one of the students who got herself into all sorts of silly trouble. It also lightly touched that much of her problems dealt with the relationship with her uncle who was having difficulty with her and felt that the boarding school could straighten her out. She was orphaned and left in his care and her antics were more than he could handle.

In the end, after four years of “trouble”, she became one of the girls to stay at the school/convent because she was drawn to the vocation of possibly serving the Lord by joining the convent. It caused a rift with her cohort in crime. her best friend and her were little rebels and did all sorts of things against what the convent stood for. So she feels betrayed by her best friends decision. God’s call is certainly a mystery and trying to explain why anyone would want to become a priest, nun, deacon, religious or missionary has been unfathomable. But, it happens!

First of all the trouble with angels is that many people do not know the definition of an angel. If I am correct (and I may not be), angels are beings that are superior in the hierarchy of creation. Human beings are categorized in this lineage but it has been made pretty clear that human beings cannot become angels. We can display angelic behavior by being a helping hand, a confidante and a caregiver. But we cannot become angels!

So often at funerals we hear how the deceased is now an angel in heaven; playing their harp and singing with the heavenly hosts in God’s choir of angels. Sorry to rock your faith BUT, when we die we become saints. I know, I know…… we want to believe we have wings, play harps (without lessons) and walk around the earth pulling people out of the way from danger.   In the Eucharistic prayer at the Catholic mass, we call down God from heaven and the “communion of saints”  (That’s US!) to join God in his banquet table. As brothers and sisters in Christ we share in the breaking of the bread and wine that has been made into the Body and Blood of Christ.

It is believed that each and every person born has an angel to guard them. This is one of the first things we learn as children. Sadly, we so often forget that our angels grow with us and we do not always acknowledge them! So as we prepare to celebrate the Feast of the Guardian Angels, please remember to pray to them… help you, guide you and keep you safe!