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Mexican Wedding Cake cookies....YUM!

I got bit by the Christmas spirit! Yep, all it took was this dusting of snow to tickle my inner child. Right now I’m dealing with some personal issues that have kind of held me back but the first snowfall is like that magic inner button that turns on the Christmas Spirit. My two Yorkies were in heaven as I watched them playfully bouncing in the snow. My experienced veteran, Gus the 2nd has always loved the snow and he was in heaven! Gus is all black and he loves to furrow his face in the snow. He comes out looking like a man with a grey beard. All four of the pups are high spirited this morning. I am heaving a sigh of relief with my foster dog. He is officially housebroken. Any “accidents” happen on the newspaper in an area of the house that is out of the way. It took Scruffy a while to “get it” but he does and I think he has learned the joy of doing his business outdoors without any guilt or fear of being admonished. I just give him the praise and it just makes the circle of trust tighter.

The Spirit of the season hit me as I turned on Donna Summer’s Greatest Hits. All heavy duty disco! I had it on loud while making my cookie dough for baking later on in the day. I’m making Mexican Wedding Cakes. As I was dancing and singing I looked down at my kids and they were all staring at me like a crazy man. Guess I need to show them more of this side of me. The bottom line is that it made me feel good. A simple pleasure. there’s a lesson here. When I untangle it and process it, I will post it for another day. Stay tuned!