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I got back from Washington D. C. one week ago and since then it’s been a whirlwind of activity. The trip with our 8th graders was wonderful. The kids were perfect. One major glitch that was no fault of our own and that was when our bus hit the side view mirror of another bus. Doesn’t sound like a big deal but it crashed into the windows along one side of our bus and blew out all the window. Frightening….you bet. Luckily, the glass did what it was supposed to do and that was to shatter instead of shard. Our entire bus was sprayed with little pellets that found themselves everywhere including hair and clothing. ¬†Within an hour we were able to get a new bus and be on our way.

As usual, Gettysburg was awesome. We had Jim Roubal again as our guide. He is so awesome and he has a good memory. I have learned so much more as an adult about our country’s history by visiting these historic places. Of course, Mt. Vernon and the Naval Academy are cool too!

I really got to know some of our kids who are leaving us. They are genuinely nice kids and like the kids we had two years ago, I will really miss them. I also got to know some of our parents too and they were a blast too.

The school year is beginning to wind down but our parish is never asleep. We are already filling up for next year. Our pre-K and 1st Grade is on a waiting list¬†and I imagine that we will be repeating this with the other grades too as the days move forward. I can’t even begin to express the pride I feel when hard work bears good fruit.

With the CSA (Catholic Services Appeal) beginning this weekend, I hope I can convince the Nativity community to be generous again. I would really like to put the roof repairs behind us and start working on some of the other things we need around here. Such as, our narthex! I would like to replace the cringing, put in new lighting, paint the walls, completely remodel the bathrooms, and rip out the carpet and replace it with tile. That’s all!

The festival will also be here before we know it and just about everything in that is pretty well set. Raffle tickets will be going out shortly and the new revamping of that should prove to be profitable provided that we execute it properly. By the way, the tickets went from a dollar a piece to $5 a ticket. the winnings are up too along with the odds of winning.

Thats all for now!

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A New Light!

I’m not even going to apologize for not being daily on this blog. Let’s just say I’ll do what I can!

This week I will be leaving for Washington, D.C. with my 8th graders and their chaperones. This will be my third trip with them. They are so much fun and they are also exhausting. I’m not talking about the kids, I’m talking about the itinerary. All we do is keep moving, moving, moving. Funny how I never get tired of seeing the same thing over and over. D.C. is an awesome town. My favorite places are the Newsuem, Gettysburg and the Naval Academy.

The personality of the groups are different too. This years group is going to be a lot of fun. Last years group was pure drama. There were a few great kids in that bunch but there were a few stinkers. And you know who you are!!!

Now that we’ve turned off the Easter parade we begin our trek towards the end of the school year, raffle tickets and of course the Parish Festival! It never ends! And please God, don’t let it end too soon.

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It’s Here!

Hosanna, to the King of David!

With the beginning of Holy Week also begins a very busy week for the church. There are so many last minute details that need tending to and you would think after all the Holy Weeks I’ve been through I would know better. This year will be a bit different whereas I had to go through my old Holy Week scripts and change all the prayers. I am actually beginning to get the feel of the new rhythm that are part of this “big” change. I guess its always natural to whine about change.

I am hoping again for another great year atNativity. Actually a year that will produce even greater results. Our membership is up, attendance is up, the collection is up! Everything is going up! But in reality that could all change if things are not moved in a positive way. I guess thats always on the back of my mind. I am no so concerned about my success as I am about the parish. I also have to admit that there is some hope that when I do leave here, I will have made a difference in the lives of this community…and all for the good. So,….for my fleeting moment of vanity, there it is!

Going to New York City last week was an important milestone in my life. I came home feeling more appreciative of what have over what I don’t have. My dear friend in New York sort of awakened something in me that I was not seeing in my own life. It is simply this; I am where I am supposed to be! But sometimes I will need to get on a plane a bus or a train to go there and come to terms over and over again. In other words, getting away is refreshing!

As I live through this week, I will do what I do every Holy Week. I will submerge myself in His presence!