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Falling Over You!

I love the Autumn in the Midwest. There isn’t anything like it. The cool, crisp air, windows opened at night, fresh air, leaves turning colors, the smell of leaves, the Halloween decor and wearing all my sweaters. I never used to have sweaters just sweatshirts. I was too poor to own any and sweat shirts were more durable and practical. Each year I like to add a sweater or two to build up my collection. I think I have a dozen now. Of course, each year I take a few and hand them over to Goodwill or the local resale shop.

I think the most painful thing I have to do is put away the summer patio furniture and move all my plants inside. My vegetable garden did okay this year but once again an aggressive species of weeds invaded me in a three day period. Why can’t my veggies grow that fast? I think next year I will just plant flowers!

I noticed this year that that the forest surrounding the rectory has acorns. Last year there were no acorns which I thought was kind of strange. Yesterday I was sliding on them because they are so abundant. Someone told me that was a signal that winter was going to be harsh. Maybe so but I am always looking out for the wooly caterpillar. That is always a sure fire sign of a cold winter.

The parish is really gearing up for the change of seasons and some of the new changes I hope to implement this year. Of course, they are good changes. Finally I can say I have identified my leaders in the community. This is good because I have had to really look carefully for this type of transition. A transition that I hope will lighten my load.

God has been so good to me! Although I am tired and maybe even stressed out I can honestly say that all my needs are being met and I know there are many more blessings on their way.

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One Door Closes and another Door Opens….

Today I learned of the passing of a young woman aged 35 years old. She was an extraordinary young woman too. She was a OBGyn doctor and a wonderful human being. ¬†Dr. Melissa Mahoney was so deeply loved by so many people especially the other people who worked with her. She leaves behind her mother and her sister and now joins her dad in heaven. She was dedicated to helping the life’s and lives that she worked with. She was indeed, a gem. Her love for the born and unborn was a testament to her life. Sadly, some times we cannot foresee that Our Father in heaven had other plans for her. We can be grateful that she did not suffer or linger. She was gone in the blink of an eye. We often say that the good die young but having witnessed this same scene so many times before I begin to wonder if it’s really because her life was, indeed, fulfilled. It would take courage and faith to wrap this thought around our simple human minds. But I cannot think of no other ¬†thought than this.

I’m sure her spirit conveys gratitude for the life she did have. She now joins the illustrious heavenly hosts. Eternal rest grant upon her O Lord!


Today my webmaster called to tell me I got a strange note. Apparently the person who wrote thinks I’m nuts! I think most of my good friends and parish family members would tell you that is what they like the best about me. I like to have fun and I love to joke around with my flock. I’m told it makes me approachable. The complaint also said that my using a beer bottle to blast on my page is sending the wrong message to our youth. I hardly doubt that any kids read my blog. And, apparently, I don’t think my complainer sees Facebook and some of the stuff that I see posted.
His recommendation to me was to recharge myself by going back to reading the Early Church fathers. Hey, I already did!
Then he interpreted my blog as being pro-choice! I have never been pro-choice. I certainly do not have to prove that to anyone but God!
I love being a priest. I love my priesthood. For some unknown person to come forward and start blasting more……well, think again sir!