Daily Archives: September 4, 2012


Today my webmaster called to tell me I got a strange note. Apparently the person who wrote thinks I’m nuts! I think most of my good friends and parish family members would tell you that is what they like the best about me. I like to have fun and I love to joke around with my flock. I’m told it makes me approachable. The complaint also said that my using a beer bottle to blast on my page is sending the wrong message to our youth. I hardly doubt that any kids read my blog. And, apparently, I don’t think my complainer sees Facebook and some of the stuff that I see posted.
His recommendation to me was to recharge myself by going back to reading the Early Church fathers. Hey, I already did!
Then he interpreted my blog as being pro-choice! I have never been pro-choice. I certainly do not have to prove that to anyone but God!
I love being a priest. I love my priesthood. For some unknown person to come forward and start blasting more……well, think again sir!