Monthly Archives: October 2012

Respect Life!

We say it but do we know what it means? Do we know how to love it? Are you confused? Good, because so am I sometimes. When it comes to pro-life issues it can become such a hot button topic. People are passionate on both sides of the issue. As a priest I have had to sit in the confessional and listen to the stories and confessions of this terrible sin of abortion. Listening to stories of pain, guilt, misery, and wonderment are terribly sad and heartbreaking. The one thing I find as the common thread is the total lack of love that the person felt when they did this. We all need to love someone or something. If we don’t love ourselves first then how can we love others?

Just because it’s legal doesn’t make it right. When I say “right” I speak of how the sin of abortion does not make the problem go away. It invites other problems.

Our society may have the legal right to abort their children but our society cannot control the pain of loss that comes from it. Abortion doesn’t make anyone powerful because it gives them control over their bodies, in fact, it is the furthest thing away from liberating anyone from giving birth to a new God given life.