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Having survived the busy-ness of yesterday is now allowing me to pull back a bit today. I actually did more than I reported I was going to do. Like, I squeezed in a little sushi lunch at House of Kobe and went to PetSmart in Merrillville before heading out to the airport to pick up Rosie. After I came home, I prepared my TV room by moving the little sofa back in to the living room and LeeAnn Bonta got some big guys to move my sleep sofa down to my TV room. After living here two years I can honestly say my house is almost in order. I’m still unpacking and tossing from my move to Merrillville 10 years ago! What has cured me from holding on to the “junk” I’ve collected over the years has been watching the TV show “Hoarding: Buried Alive.”

This morning I frantically looked for the sports section from last Saturday to see if I could find the Times article with Ethan Bonta’s name in it. Apparently, I stuck my foot in my mouth when I saw him Sunday and told him I didn’t see his name in the paper from the last Andrean game. He looked at me as if I stabbed him in the heart because the Post-Tribune had a big picture of him running off the field and the Times said that he saved the game! How did I miss that? I later heard from his mother that he didn’t know if I was teasing him or not. Ouch! That made me feel bad! So, I clipped out the article and even got the Post-Tribune picture….had both articles laminated and put it on my office door. In essence, I am now going to build a little shrine to Ethan Bonta! Why?

Last year Ethan came into my office and noticed that I had two articles about Jake Dixon on my door. Jake was playing football at Portage High School and was an incredible player. When Ethan saw that he asked why there was nothing with him on my door. I wasn’t even aware that Ethan was playing well enough to get mentions. He was! Jake is a great guy. I went to high school with his dad and because of Jake’s accomplishments on the team I threw my support towards the public high school by taking an ad in their sports booklet. Jake has now graduated as is playing football for Fordham University in New York. So now the focus is on Ethan!

Ethan too, is a great kid. Actually, all the Bonta boys are great kids. So, to honor my former grad of Nativity….”It’s all about Ethan!”

What a pastor won’t do…..or will do… give justice to one of his own. I may have scored a touchdown on this one!

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  1. Nancy says:

    I went to House of Kobi for the first time a few weeks ago and loved it. I too am trying to sort through the junk around here. I’ve nevr watched that show though. Maybe I should for extra inspiration.

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