Praying for Frost!

I have been suffering silently with a terrible sinus infection. Experience has taught me not to mess around and to call the doctor. My eye, ear, nose and throat guy is awesome. His name is Dr. Michael Keenan. Dr. Keenan is so professional and forthright. I appreciate that about him…..and he’s Catholic! Tomorrow I am visiting his office for a hearing test. I have noticed that the hearing in my left ear feels diminished. I don’t think I’m getting ready for a hearing aid but I suspect that my hearing is beginning to lessen. I never thought I would need glasses but now I cannot see without them so why should my hearing be any different.

I think that the whole aging process is humorous. Yea, I think it’s funny that I’m slowly falling apart but I can also see the road to retirement. Legally, I can retire in 10 years however as a priest, our retirement is 70 years old. I don’t like that! When I retire my life is going to be one big vacation. I believe my third life vocation will be as a priest on a cruise ship! Sailing the seas seems like the ultimate life ending vocation. All of this will change, of course, if I win the lottery! Then I will just cruise.

Oh, such folly! If your head was filled with mucous like mine is you would be dreaming too! Time to take my anti-biotic! My poor little head!

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  1. Mark says:

    Fr. Andrew, I agree. The aging process is definetly humorous. I have been in denial about my glasses. I need reading glasses to read anything. I even get the Readers Digest large print version and I still need my reading glasses. 55 years old and 10 more years to go for me until retirement. I like the crise ship idea although I might get sea sick. I think I will just retire in Aruba and sell shells on the beach or something.

    It’s funny as we get older, it’s a good day when something does not hurt or you sleep all night without having to wake up a few times in the night.