Going to the Dogs!


It has been said that I am crazy when it comes to my soft heart for animals. I want to verify this and say unabashedly that this is true. Knowing my love for God’s four-legged creatures I have resolved part of my problem with a solution that I hope will catch on. I have decided to become active with a group called LakeshorePaws. This is a group that rescues animals that have been neglected, abused, abandoned and whatever that has caused them to be without a forever home. This past week I decided to foster a Yorkie that is named Scruffy. This poor little guy has been crated all his short life and went stir crazy. I renamed him Benji because the name Scruffy does not actually suit him. He now looks like a Benji. As part of my donation I had him groomed and he looks beautiful.

With Christmas coming up I sense that many people will be looking for dogs for their kids. I hope they will give Lakeshore Paws a call first or any other shelter that has strays looking for a forever home. To see what they are all about, I invite you to go to their website at www.LakeShorePaws.org.

I am well aware that there are humans who need to be better parents for their children. That is a cause I work daily for as a priest. I consider this my outside interest to help the weakest of God’s creatures. I would be remiss if I didn’t say it: Spay or neuter your pets!

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  1. Nancy says:

    After a long and happy 13 year life, we had to put our golden retriever Jack to sleep three summers ago. I keep thinking that we need to get a new dog, but I just still can’t do it. He was just that great a dog. I never had a problem getting a new dog after the other two. I guess there was just something very special about Jack.