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I’m Back!

A Toast with "slivovitz" and Corona

I returned back from my vacation last Friday night and have not been able to catch up to post something. In a few words the trip was awesome but the last leg of the trip was more memorable but not in a good way. I became seasick! Normally I get motion sickness but it disappears after a few days but this time I’m still rocking and it’s been a week. I actually threw up at a well-known department store in Merrillville yesterday and the folks there were very kind and understanding to my dilemma.

Otherwise I’m going to start making some comments about the trip and other things. The first picture I wanted to post is of me having a shot of “slivotitz” in Dubrovnik, Croatia. This concoction is a favorite sipping libation. It is made from plums and it is quite potent. I liken it to an apertif. You will notice that even in Croatia (and throughout Europe) they serve Corona beer! BUT, instead of a lime, they placed a lemon in it. It isn’t the same. I mentioned this to our server how we do it in the states but I think she didn’t catch it. Besides, lemons are bountiful in this part of the world and I’m not even sure I saw a lime the whole time. So there I was, Without the Lime! Is this poetic justice or irony?

My dear friend, Gayle Warnimount joined me in our own private tour of the old town within the walls of Dubrovnik. It was quite charming to say the least. i bought the coolest kangaroo hat while there. I spent all my kunas that I purchased from Marko Mavrovic. Marko was in Croatia for quite a substantial time this past summer. He is one of my altar servers here at the parish and I am grateful that he sold them to me. See ya soon!

N.B.  for some reason I cannot post pics. As soon as I figure out what I did or did not do i will remedy this! A.C.

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