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Back on Board.

Yesterday was the first day I wasn’t feeling dizzy and nauseous! I have been on many cruises but the last leg of my journey was a bumpy one. We were warned that the water would be choppy because the winds were at 40 knots. A member of our group commented that as an avid boater he felt that was really strong. Little did I know that our gigantic ship would be rocked the way it was. I have felt bumps from the waves before but not like this. It was not fun. It was the first time I barfed from motion sickness which I now say was full blown seasickness.

After I got home I felt the usual sea legs syndrome that I’ve expereinced many times before but it usually goes away on the fourth day. On the fourth day of being on land, I felt worse. At the advice of my doctor and friends I went out and purchased Sea-Bands which really did the trick. The cool thing about them is that it is not a medication but rather bands that go around the wrist and use your pressure points as a sort of crude form of accupuncture without penetrating the skin. Even with my reluctance to buy them I discovered that they do indeed work!

This whole week I was feeling horrible but within 10 minutes of wearing the bands, I felt some relief.

Right now I feel motivated and ready to start looking at the busy season ahead of me. Advent will be here in 2 weeks and I have a new design for the sanctuary that I’m hoping with simply state that we are waiting and praying.

By the way, I’m definitely going to cruise again. I’ll be sure to carry a few sets of the bands with me!

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