Tee-Hee….I’ve been naughty!

Shame, shame , shame!

I’m not kidding either. I found a lump of coal in my mailbox this morning COMMANDING me to write in my blog! It worked! Sadly, I have not made time to write in my blog. In all honesty, I forget that I have a blog and I have readers who are hungry for all sorts of tidbits of useless information. That may be so but as I stated when I first started this blog that it was for my mental health and not necessarily anything more than that. With the lack of my submissions, you may assume my mental health has been crazy.

It started with putting up my damn Christmas tree. Oh yea,….life was going to be so much easier with a pre-lit tree! NOT! Now that it is four years old that tree has had a few strands go out. thinking that it was only a loose bulb, I meticulously turned each one and checked it. When that failed. I ran out to Menard’s and bought one of those light fix guns. Total waste of money! In the end, I ripped out the lights that didn’t work and restrung new lights. At the end of this season, I am going to take of my lights and throw this tree out. I’m going back to a real tree!

I’ve also been fostering a fourth dog. Yes, your eyes aren’t tricking you. I’m fostering another dog and it is a Yorkie! I already adopted a Yorkie back in April and that worked really good. I have had to work with the new dog (Scruffy) with an intense reinforcement program. Bottom line: he was not housebroken. Finally, after three weeks, we have made progress and he is ready to go to his forever home. When it comes to critters, I am a sap. Those who know me will verify! (Hi Mike!). It just behooves me that people adopt critters and then don’t treat them well.

Good ol' St. Nick!

The next two weeks will be intensifying as I start rounds for Penance Services and then the big feast day of Christmas. So far I am doing well in not getting caught up in the Christmas craziness. I have bought all my Christmas gifts. Mainly they were for me. I’m the only one who knows what I like and I am happy to keep it that way. The parade of baked goods will start marching towards the rectory door as people will want to send me goodies. Thank goodness I have a lot of friends. They’ll snap them all up!

2 Responses

  1. Nancy says:

    Glad to hear from you again. I love my visits and was beginning to miss you. We tossed our prelit tree at the end of last year for the same reason.

  2. Valerie says:

    Cool that you are blogging again! I have been waiting for more details of your recent vacation.