Feast of the Immaculate Conception

One of things I said I was going to adhere to this pre-Christmas season was not to get caught in the flurry of craziness. So far I’m doing very well but there’s always this human vortex that’s trying to suck me into where I don’t want to be! As you can imagine, running a ship with so many personalities I cannot help but get caught up in the someone else’s craziness. The trick is to sidestep or to meet it head-on. When you meet it head-on, then feelings get hurt. But what about my feelings? What about my concerns? My utmost concerns about the way I run this parish is how does it benefit the people who worship here? I cannot bow to one person and I will not. I only bow to God! I only boast in Him!

Today is a day where I am hoping to find a little peace. I am taking time today to invite our Blessed Mother into the season and let her peace speak to my heart. I ask her, who is without sin, to enlighten me and offer me courage and hope just as she did with her Son. She understands my mission as a servant to God. She understood her Son’s mission and she understands the mission of all those who wish to walk the true path to heaven.

Even with my imperfections, and I have many, I bow to our Blessed Mother and her Holy Incarnation into the world. Hail Mary, Full of grace, Blessed are thee amongst women!

One Response

  1. Gayle Warnimont says:

    The mass this evening was special.
    Wouldn’t it be “loverly” if more would come?
    “Well maybe next year.” (Everything keeps getting better.)