Our Lady of Guadalupe, Pray for Us!

I think my blog is a huge hit in Poland!

You read that correctly. I just happened to look over in my spam file and there were over 112 spam comments. My best guess is that it was written in Polish. I was clearly able to identify a few words as being recognizably Polish. But then again, I receive some spam in the form of Latin!

Of course, there were a few notes in there about how I can increase my readerships with different software. And I would be lying if I didn’t say that there were a few pieces that promised to increase the longevity of my “software”. Geesh! I guess it takes all kinds.

Yesterday was one of those days where I just wanted to sleep and eat. I had a funeral mass for a young man and then I took care of a minimal amount of paperwork. I am so grateful that Fr. Lawrence (Dutch) Heeg was able to come in and take two masses for me. I will still wind up doing three masses. Tonight at 5:00 PM I have the mass for Our Lady of Guadalupe. It’s a mass that I enjoy doing very much. It was one of the first wonders I had as a child. I will never forget the first time I became aware of her image. Who was this beautiful lady who resembled “my people”. It was obvious that she was revered as I recall sitting in the church of OLG in East Chicago.

The first time I went to visit the tilma of St. Juan Diego in Mexico City, it was like truly seeing our Blessed Mother for the first time. I wanted to fall on my knees. I wanted to cry. There she was…..on the back wall of the church above the sanctuary. The mysterious woman who made herself known to me as a little boy. You could not hide from her. I had the beautiful fortune of celebrating mass in one of the capillas of the Basilica. Tonight, I will once again remind my special lady of the prayer that I hold in my heart. There are two things I am praying for: the first is that my sister moves back to this area and that the bishop will assign me an associate pastor. I don’t feel that I am jinxing myself by declaring this but just making my prayer known in hopes that it may be granted. Would you pray these for me too?

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  1. Robin Devine says:

    Just like the nuns told Sidney Poitier, ” if you build it they will come”. 4 days in a row & their coming. I myself have watched everyday, & there have been days of disappointment , or should I put it as missing out on insight. Lack of word is something none of the Buch. St. gang ever had a problem with. You keep blogging, I’ll keep logging on, and for the rest , They shall come.