My Aching Heart!

You gotta have heart!

Okay….so here it goes. I went to a new doctor and I went into his office feeling pretty good and when I left I felt like I was falling apart. I had made the appointment two weeks prior to my visit but 2 days before I had this sharp pain in my chest. When I complained about this my new doctor began to focus on this. His intensity was pretty darn good and his bedside manner was completely professional. He was actually very thorough and listened to me. That is the trade mark of a good doctor. He had his nurse do an EKG on me and lo and behold he comes back to tell me that the test shows I may have suffered a heart attack. Yikes! I began to panic because I know what this means. Yesterday I spent the whole day in the hospital for tests. I had X-Rays, dopplers, blood work and my sleep study people came to the house to test my oxygen level during my sleep.

The one bright spot was when my sister “Dr. Susie” called me and asked me if they tested my gall bladder! Since my doctor is an internist I figured that may have crossed his mind. So now I’m hoping that what I suffered is a gall bladder attack. It beats the heart attack thing hands down. If they have to take out the gall bladder then so be it.

Was I scared? You bet! If tests come back with something different…more serious , then I will deal with that. But I got news fer ya….my Disney trip is still on. Nothing will stop that.

Pray for my nervous side. The unknown stinks!

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  1. Mark Dranchak says:

    Good luck Father Andrew. We’re praying for you.