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Blessed indeed!

I have to admit that Christmas has never been one of my most favorite holidays. I could probably tell you why but some things I prefer to keep to myself. On the spiritual plane, that’s a different story. The Scriptures are full and rich with the wonder and mystery of the incarnation of Christ. I think some of my displeasure comes from the secularism of the holiday but I also feel that this season brings out the “ug” in ugly.

But despite my past differences, I must admit that this was probably one of the best Christmas’ I have enjoyed in years.  I think the number one thing I noticed was how happy people seemed to be. there is certainly a lot of stress related to this holiday and I went through a good portion of this but it was completed in a satisfactory manner that made it all worth it. The church looked great. I’m very happy with the design that was implemented. I just wish new people with imagination would come forward to add a little more drama to the design. When I say drama, I don’t mean human drama but rather a creative drama. I believe the Arts & Environment of a church should be simple….less is more. We are certainly challenged with the drab color of the bricks and carpet that makes many things clash but but with inspiration anything can happen.

The other good thing was meeting my two new great-nephews who were born this summer. It’s hard to believe our family is growing with the birth of the grandkids having kids. this was much to the delight of my parents who enjoy the new title of “Great”. My dad got to meet the new munchkins and I’m not truly sure if he comprehends the whole situation. But he certainly was ll smiles as he was able to see the new ones face to face.

I also made tamales by myself. I only made 12 dozen from 12 pounds of masa. It was enjoyable to do it on some spare time. My mom said she thought they were better than Danny’s. Of course, i say that freely because I know he never reads this blog.

The one shadow that hung over all of the holiday was the number of funerals I presided. It is always so sad to assist families in the holiday season. My heart is with them in a very special way.

Lastly, my people were so very generous to me. It is so nice to be remembered this way. Whether it was a monetary gift, a baked good, a gift card, a card or a curious little gift….all was appreciated!

It’s now on to another year. I wonder what 2012 will bring us?

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