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I was able to break into my web site and make a post thru my iPad. I am having a great time. I visited with the Swishers last night along with Kris and their new pup, Rosie. What an energetic bundle of love she is!
It’s always so good to visit them. I can just relax and be myself. Today I went up to the city of Orlando to visit Ben and Laura Downey. We went to lunch at a REAL Chinese restaurant that served Dim Sum style. It was an awesome experience. I was worried that my little tummy would not be able to consume much but boy was I wrong. It was an incredible experience. I have known Ben for 19 years. He was just a lad and now he is an adult and an incredible young man. His wife, Laura, is of Chinese descent and she is one of the loveliest people I I’ve met. They are so happy together and so in love. Warms my heart!
Unfortunately I missed my mass date with Tim, Cindy and Kris. It’s so hard to see everyone.
I’ve been really lucky to be able to have wonderful weather here. I am conscious that I will return to winter. But I go back knowing that Spring is one day closer.

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