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Getting Behind

I was hoping to turn a new leaf and begin posting faithfully. Sounded good at first but in reality when I come home after 10 days of being on vacation, I always find myself thrown into the Lion’s mouth. Not that anything has been difficult or unusual to the ordinary parish priest but certainly a busy schedule resumes. AND, I thrive on it! Never a dull moment indeed.

This week my heart has been touched by sadness. One of my parishioners whom I had become close to passed away suddenly. Chris was 39 years old did not wake up last Saturday morning. The shock of his death sent waves throughout the community. Chris worked at Menard’s here in Portage. But he also worked for the community. Chris had a vision. He wanted to see the city that he lived in do good things. One of his pet projects was Rebuilding Together Portage. Chris and I were working closely on putting together a fund raiser that would help generate some dollars. RTP helps persons of low income to make necessary repairs to their homes that they cannot afford for various reasons, whether they were unemployed, aged, widowed. It is a classic case of stewardship that Chris awoke to and his mission was fierce.

His passing will certainly put a dent into the program but I am praying that his determination will be an inspiration to our community. I am hoping we, as a community, can collectively pick up the cross of grief and move forward and have great success in helping out those in need.

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