Help….I’ve fallen…..

I can only dream that it will be this easy!

Remember that commercial of the lady who falls and can’t get up? Did you know the original lady in that commercial died? Just a little fun fact to place in your pie plate. The whole thing on aging has kind of swung around again. this may 11th I will turn 56 years old. Not a big deal right? At least that’s what the older generations tell me. “Wait till you turn my age!” is the common retort from a member of that team. Well guess what, I’m feeling it now! So right now, in this moment, it’s all about me. I think I’m entitled.

All this started from a news report about when the anniversary of astronaut John Glenn made his trips around the earth. My goodness that was fifty years ago…..and I remember it. I remember it because John Glenn was probably my first hero. I remember having a color photo of him hanging on my bedroom wall along with a picture poster from NASA with all the astronauts on it. My fascination with all things “Outer Space” was a great fad that had a great run. But it seemed to diminish after watching the first man walk on the moon. I’m sure my interests moved on to something else.

As I look over my life in the past fifty years, I can recall so many things. I seem to be losing my innate ability to remember the itsy-bitsy stuff but I believe that is natural. I guess the one thing that saddens me is the way things die. I clearly remember the City of Gary as it used to be and not how it is today. There is plenty of blame to go around as to why the city is in ruins. But I prefer to look ahead with the hope that it can come back. Maybe not in my lifetime….but somewhere when someone who has a dream to make it happen.

Growing older is supposed to be the time when we become wiser, more compassionate  and more understanding. That is the state of my “growing older” that I wish to accomplish.

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  1. Valerie says:

    Yes, you are entitled to complain. It must be troubling for you to have to deal with neuropathy and Charcot foot. Chronic pain wouldn’t be so bad if it did not occur on a daily basis!