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Ora et labora!

"Hey, I taste good!"

This past week was a whirlwind of activity and it really got my blood moving. And that’s a good thing! On Monday I had plenty to stress about. Getting all the last minute Mardi Gras stuff together, working on decorations for the hall and setting up the church for Ash Wednesday and really stressing about the new fish dinner menu items. I don’t mind people venting themselves to me about problems but dammit, be ready to offer a solution. When my solution isn’t good enough then just tell me what you’re thinking and you better be right. Work and prayer has truly pulled me through this week.

In the midst of chaos we welcomed the Holy Season of Lent. I am praying for calm. I AM PRAYING FOR SPRING! Yes, I know we’ve had a mild winter but I miss sitting outside on my patio. My critters miss going outside too. I would just love to have a few days of peace. Is that too much to ask. Apparently, it is!

I was very happy about the reaction to the new fish menu items. I have to admit I was bracing myself for a mountain of complaints but it didn’t happen. We did have the misfortune of serving some fish that was still frozen. Ouch! All it takes is one complaint to get the negativity ball rolling. ¬†Hopefully we have solved that problem and pray that we don’t have this happen again.

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