Very Tardy!

Twenty more days!

Hello friends. so much for pledging to keep the sight updated. I have been busy in a good way. My Lent has been off to a good start. Of course, I’ve had the usual landslide of funerals that often come at this time of the year. I am amazed at how many of my friends are dying. Some natural and some not so natural. but is it really natural to die in your 50’s?

Speaking of dying, I dumped my new doctor and went to see another guy. To my happiness, he is one of my former students at Bishop Noll Institute. What a terrific young man he has turned out to be. but of course, I am not surprised because he was always exceptional. It’s just that now he is the overseer to my good health. How many of you can boast that your cholesterol is 106?

Yesterday was the half way point for Lent. We have 20 more days to go and I so look forward to Easter. With the early spring I have been taking care of some of the things I normally do in late April. I had my carports cleaned, Living room and dining room painted and gathered up all the clothes I’m not wearing anymore for the Poor Box. I even cleaned out all the dead stuff from my outdoor planters and swept the patio. today I hope to do a little raking and maybe taking the root-tiller out to my plant boxes. Sure does feel good!

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  1. Robin Devine says:

    Glad to have blog back, I do check often. Also sorry for comment, you know I love you & you guys have a special part of my life & heart. This year has just been too overwhelming for me. I’ll get by.