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One of my best friends posted about how his weight loss helped him get rid of his diabetes medicine. His joy is shared to all and I rejoice with him. The days of putting insulin in my body were days that reminded me of all that was wrong with me. Even though I have (knock on wood) beat diabetes, I am still very cautious about what I put inside of me.
To be morbidly obese is a terrible disease. Not only physically but mentally and spiritually. For years I built an identity that revolved on my “largeness” therefore minimizing the person I truly was! I can honestly say now that looking back, I was miserable. But re-inventing my new self was just as difficult as creating the old self. So instead of creating an identity, I had to become who I truly was inside. And you know what, I like who I am now more than ever. If you are reading this and scratching your head in wonder, that’s okay! But if you get it…..even better.
I am experiencing what i feel is the best parish community I have had thus far. But there were building blocks and lessons learned in my formation as a priest. I can look back at all my former parishes and tell you that my buddy whom I first mentioned had a lot to do with building me to be the priest that I am today. He was tough but I learned so much from him. So, ingratitude to him and in tribute to his success, I acknowledge the wonderful generosity of his inner spirit who has finally “gotten” what he has needed to complete himself.

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