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It’s Here!

Hosanna, to the King of David!

With the beginning of Holy Week also begins a very busy week for the church. There are so many last minute details that need tending to and you would think after all the Holy Weeks I’ve been through I would know better. This year will be a bit different whereas I had to go through my old Holy Week scripts and change all the prayers. I am actually beginning to get the feel of the new rhythm that are part of this “big” change. I guess its always natural to whine about change.

I am hoping again for another great year atNativity. Actually a year that will produce even greater results. Our membership is up, attendance is up, the collection is up! Everything is going up! But in reality that could all change if things are not moved in a positive way. I guess thats always on the back of my mind. I am no so concerned about my success as I am about the parish. I also have to admit that there is some hope that when I do leave here, I will have made a difference in the lives of this community…and all for the good. So,….for my fleeting moment of vanity, there it is!

Going to New York City last week was an important milestone in my life. I came home feeling more appreciative of what have over what I don’t have. My dear friend in New York sort of awakened something in me that I was not seeing in my own life. It is simply this; I am where I am supposed to be! But sometimes I will need to get on a plane a bus or a train to go there and come to terms over and over again. In other words, getting away is refreshing!

As I live through this week, I will do what I do every Holy Week. I will submerge myself in His presence!

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