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Festival Around the Corner!

Beth halfman setting up the drinks and Ice Cream Booth. They make the best Root Beer Floats!

My feature picture is from last year’s Festival but it pretty much looks the same as far as setting up. Getting everything ready has been a lot of work but this year we are really kind of feeling our groove as we have made so many more new positive changes. One of the things that we’ve had to do the past two years is to upgrade much of our equipment such as electrical wiring and new coolers and roasters. This equipment sure does take a beating over these four days.

Our ladies (and gentlemen) in the kitchen have been grueling away at making the festival food. Our Knights f Columbus have been helping us haul out equipment from the pole barn and our young men on the crew have been assembling the booths.

Last weekend and this weekend our festival chairpersons have been in the lobby of the church trying to recruit help for the festival. It takes many helping hands to put it all together to make our festival a success.

These past few days have brought on the heat and much needed rain which is fine but we will still be praying for good festival weather regardless. I can handle the heat but the rain keeps the folks away.

Modern Midways will start bringing in their stuff by the end of the week and the stage for the bands will be assembled too. We have some mighty fine entertainment coming in. One of the things we’re doing is bringing in a Mariachi Band from Indianapolis to play on Sunday night from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm. We’re hoping this new venue will bring in some fun with an ethnic flair!

Until then it’s time to get back to work and we hope to see you there!

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