The Race Begins!

I can feel the tension building as the day of election is slowly coming to the end. In all my life I have never seen such mean-spirited reporting. I feel safe in saying that it gets more vicious and somewhat out of control each day. Instead of being educated about the issues I feel that it is turning more into a political-drama-reality show. And can you blame the pundits? Political fodder is spewing everywhere and even to the point of being ridiculous. I get more information from Jon Stewart than anyone else.

People are always complaining about FOX news but MSNBC is just as bad (or good). I admit that I love Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O’Donnell. I may not agree with them on everything but I find them at least interesting. Even good old Al Sharpton is entertaining. Biased? You betcha he is! But his perspective is valuble in understanding the temperature of the African-American community.

There was a time when I was a staunch Republican. It was the Reagan days. Then there was a time when I was a staunch Democrat. I thought Jimmy Carter was a decent man. He just didn’t appear to have guts! So now I am a staunch Independent voter. I pledge no fidelity to any specific party. For me I will mix my vote between Democrat and Republican. Yes, I am one of those rare individuals who actually tries to study the candidates and the issues they strive to complete. This does not make me ┬áthe perfect voter by any means. What I am striving for is to try not to let others influence me no matter how mean, vicious or humorous they are. When you’re dealing with people’s livelihoods….it is a no joking matter!

One Response

  1. Lori Cox says:

    I agree with you that voters should really try to know who and what they are voting for and that Al Sharpton is both entertaining and biased! The problem with Jon Stewart, Father, is that he takes things way out of context–often twisting the meaning and intent of those who disagree with him politically. It is a mistake, in my opinion, for anyone to view The Daily Show as actual news — might as well just watch SNL’s Weekend update. I fear there are many who do take what he says as news — probably because he is more entertaining than straight reporting. That worries me.
    I wonder, with guys like Stewart and Colbert: are they helping the discourse? Humor is fine, but they present things in a dishonest manner. I think this tends to fuel the mean-spiritedness of which you spoke.