Today my webmaster called to tell me I got a strange note. Apparently the person who wrote thinks I’m nuts! I think most of my good friends and parish family members would tell you that is what they like the best about me. I like to have fun and I love to joke around with my flock. I’m told it makes me approachable. The complaint also said that my using a beer bottle to blast on my page is sending the wrong message to our youth. I hardly doubt that any kids read my blog. And, apparently, I don’t think my complainer sees Facebook and some of the stuff that I see posted.
His recommendation to me was to recharge myself by going back to reading the Early Church fathers. Hey, I already did!
Then he interpreted my blog as being pro-choice! I have never been pro-choice. I certainly do not have to prove that to anyone but God!
I love being a priest. I love my priesthood. For some unknown person to come forward and start blasting more……well, think again sir!

One Response

  1. Think again, for sure! I love reading your blog and Facebook page. People who are anonymous in there rantings shouldn’t be heard. Either stand up for what you believe in or go home. Please don’t change anything you say or do because of one crazy person. You are always one of the smiles in my day “everyday”. Last night on Facebook was a perfect example. You are the best!!