Almost over!

It’s a grey Sunday morning but things are looking up. For one thing I will be glad that the election will be over soon. I have never felt such an ugly divide in our country because of the persons we put in office to represent us. I mean it is “hate”! And I must admit I have been caught up in it also. I had to stop posting on my Facebook account because I was trudging through all the vitriol that was not even done in jest. I have unfriended and and been unfriended. Not that I equate who my REAL friends are by the number of friends I have on Facebook but this is ridiculous.

I will have to mend a few fences here and there but that’s okay. When I’m wrong, I’ll admit. But whenever I do that it means it is time to move on and make sure the lesson is learned. I cannot hold on to such silliness. it’s sort of like a whole new ball game with social media. Just like the writing of this blog is supposed to be therapeutic for me. But every now and then I’ll get someone who blasts me. If I know the person and they know me, thats different. But when people I don’t know accuse or threaten me then it changes things. This blog is NOT me. Get to know me and find out all the things we have in common.

Anyway…..I will vote and I hope you do too!

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  1. Robin Devine says:

    To know you is to love you & have known you forever. It’s strange how what makes this country what it is, can also devide so. Keep up the blogs, don’t always agree but love them. Brings back a great memory of a judge on a ladder, with his little bro as the neighborhood bailiff.