Another Season!

This Thanksgiving I will be hosting a dinner for a few friends. I always get a little weepy before I jump into the holidays. Weepy because of the memories I have of those whom I have loved and have gone home to God. But I always snap out of it and try to cheer myself by putting on the holiday music, decorating the house, make cookies and send out the Christmas cards!

This holiday I am thinking of my dad and how he will eat dinner at the nursing home instead of being with his family. It is distressing because he is somewhat difficult to manage and I cannot lift him very easily. If he was able to walk I would haul him here every weekend. This past week another one of my dad’s longtime friends passed away. The weird thing is this: just about all of my dad’s friends are gone now and my dad has been sick the longest! He has outlived just about all his friends. When I look at my dad I think he looks better than all of us. But it still saddens me when I look at this man who was my tower of strength, my protector and provider diminished to being stuck in a wheelchair. I suppose at the age of 88 years old he is doing very well. But I know this can change in a heart beat, in the smallest amount of time.

I hope I can live long enough to enjoy some retirement years and travel extensively. I would love to be the Chaplain of a Cruise ship and just sail the seas. We’ll just have to see what God has in store for me.

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  1. Diane says:

    What lovely thoughts. I wish we were more compassionate all year long. What a happier
    and peaceful world this would be.