It’s the last day of November 2012 and it is the Feast of St. Andrew. Being that this is Friday I have been given some leeway to make the transition from Ordinary time to Advent. For my non-religious, non-Catholic friends, our liturgical season of Ordinary Time is green but Advent becomes deep blue & purple. For Christmas, we transition to white and then for a short while back to green and then purple in Lent. Did I confuse you? Sorry!

This morning as I presided at mass, one of my prayers was to ask people to use this time in Advent to prepare their hearts and minds for our Savior, Jesus Christ. I always want to elevate people’s attention to the fact that this season can bring about bad behavior. Most of it comes from the clutter of the secular world which pulls us away from the very heart of what we celebrate. The joy of Christmas is a circle of love, peace and joy that fills us with each yearly Christmas celebration, and sadly, it can be a terrible time for some who do not know the Lord and who suffer quietly.

I believe we need to mix our holiday cheer by extending ourselves to the lost, lonely and marginalized. We have an Angel tree in the foyer of our church. I get a little frustrated when I see people carefully looking for a little girl or a little baby on their Angel. If I happen to walk by and see this I will pull a tag off the tree and hand it to the person and tell them God told me to give this to them. Yes, it brings about a startled look but the point is that God has no favorites and that sometimes we need to walk blindly into something that will bring about the most good.

I believe we should have Christmas parties, bake cookies, sing Carols and do modest shopping. It is in these simple acts that we may gladden our hearts and let the Light of Christ enter into our hearts. So, Merry Christmas to all of you. There is so much activity going on in our parish community. It is exciting!

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  1. Bruce Y. says:

    Thanks for these wonderful thoughts, Andrew.

    Hey, look! I am on your blog! Reading your posts! Enjoying them all!

    — B