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Preparing to Journey

It is just a little over a week before Lent begins. I have always enjoyed this season more than any other liturgical time. I guess it’s because the mood of the season that is so rich in tradition reminds me of when I was a little boy. I was fortunate to have lived during the time when the mass was still in Latin and we had all sorts of other traditions such as coving all the statues with purple. last March when I was in New York City I visited the St. Malachi’s which is also called the Actors Chapel. It is definitely one of those old churches before Vatican II. There was an attempt to make it a little of contemporary and old world. For some reason, it clashes. Not severely but enough to say that their was probably some turmoil as to how it should be done. Many times I think we need to preserve these churches the way they were.

Lent reminds me of growing up in Gary and attending church at Holy Rosary in the Brunswick neighborhood of Gary. Fr. Joseph Smith and Fr. Ambrose McGinnity were the priests I grew up with there. I am always moved to be a bit more reflective during this season too. That is a good thing because I believe it allows me to preach very well too. I do not see Lent as the time to put on a sorrowful face but rather a face that is seeking! It is, indeed, a time to journey. May you journey well.

Lent 2013

Lent 2013

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