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Spring….where are you?

Last week I was feeling very blue. I want warm weather. Who doesn’t? I look out my back kitchen window everyday imagining that it’s all set up for summer. The next big event at the parish is our summer festival which is from July 11 – 14th. It is a fun and busy time for all of us here as we hope to do another festival with a large bottom line. My focus will be to get more people involved and have them volunteer. Volunteering is one of the greatest gifts we can give and I do so appreciate all my folks who faithfully offer their stewardship to their parish.

With the approaching 50th Anniversary of our parish around the corner we would like to see a few things happen, such as re-doing the floor in the foyer, new seat pad cushions and ripping out the carpet in the church with something a little richer looking.

Our parish really needs to have a financial windfall hit us! If someone were to drop a couple of million dollars on us that would be terrific. I am also hoping to have a parish hall built with additional side rooms for conferences and for smaller events such as funeral luncheons and baby and/or bridal showers. the conference rooms would also double as classrooms for adult faith formation and community rooms for possible ministries such as Rainbows for All God’s Children, bereavement ministries or some 12 Step groups.

Sometimes my zeal gets the best of me. I only want what the parish really needs. I am asking you to continue your prayers for me and I will do likewise in kind!

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