The Truth!

I’ll be honest…..I’m a terrible blogger!

But, I’m also one busy dude. I’m finding how bored I am getting with Facebook and how it can really hurt relationships   or expose them for what they were or were not. Being in the public eye has suppressed what I would really like to scream out at times but discretion is vital. It’s hard to be silent in a culture that is so expulsive. And many times repulsive.

I am angry about our government on all levels with no party excluded. All these whiny babies on Capitol Hill who are messing with countless fabrications to make a point. I just wish everyone would work together and get something done.

The only positive thing I can say is that I am returning to something that I have been lacking and that is more private prayer time. I have a little chapel in my rectory that I find myself more and more relaxing in the presence of the Lord. It is there that I can really unload and leave there with a sense of peace. My critters all sit around me during prayer time and it is a mystery how even they can sense the presence of something good before them.

I am reclaiming the world around me and sometimes it is painful. There are so many lost, lonely and wandering folks that surround me and they look up to me to lead them to those “quiet waters!” At times it is overwhelming hence, back to the Chapel where I can lead on the Almighty for some guidance.

Summer is almost upon us and I look forward to being able to enjoy the summer heat and enjoy the nature around me. My parish is really doing so much better after being here four years. Looking back at all the drama and where I am today I can honestly sit back and give myself a tiny pat on the back. But the work isn’t over. And when it becomes difficult, the Lord is waiting for me to come and sit and enjoy the dialogue of hearts in the quietness of the moment.

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  1. I agree completely. I too am a bad blogger and am getting fed up with Facebook. There are not enough hours in the day for me anymore. Life is just too busy. I do love keeping in touch with you on Facebook though.