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New Year!

It’s snowing like crazy. It’s winter, it’s Northwest Indiana and thats what it does here. It snows! I thought I’d push out a few lines on the blog-a-rooney before I head to the church and celebrate mass. Something tells me my regulars will be here no matter what. It just worries me that my elder scholars would subject themselves to the terrible driving conditions today. I mean, who do they think they are? Well, that is the theme to this mornings Gospel. John the Baptizer gets asked this and he tells folks that he is NOT the one they’ve been waiting for! So, despite that, as I sit here I am looking out to the parking lot and three of my usuals are here. This morning as I drove to McD’s for breakfast I asked myself what was I thinking by driving to get breakfast. i have a few eggs, my new bacon bowl kit and a fridge full of tamales!

In fact, today I was going to drive to East Chicago to pick up more masa to make another 10 pounds. I had my mom call them to cancel the order because of the driving conditions. We have been very lucky with bad weather. For the past two years we’ve had the mildest winters. And it’s been decades since we’ve had a snowstorm like the much talked about Snow Storm of 67! So, lucky indeed. I only wish I had a fireplace like my last rectory. It was awesome and wonderfully toasty to sit by it when the weather was cold and snowy. The only thing I have is one of those DVD’s that has a fake fireplace.

Okay, I did my best to be interesting. I think later today I’m going to play on my blog page to figure out how to do a few things to it’s appearance. My technical aptitude is adventurous to say the least. Ciao for now! Stay warm!

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