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Is there anybody out there?

This is basically a test to familiarize myself with my blog page. Since my last major entry so much has changed. My goal is to be able to express myself better through written word with my feelings. Note… feelings, not yours! It’s important that I clarify that right off the bat! You may not always agree with what I am feeling BUT, like I said….my feelings!  I am able to post comments but I will filter them. In the past I have been criticized for posting things that may not sound priest-like. But I got news for you…I am merely a human being who shares living in a crazy world just like you. I have been through a lot since October 11, 2017. I hope to be able to open up about where I’ve been and where I hope to go. Right now I am living in Munster Indiana where I am a priest in residence at St. Thomas More Catholic Church.

This year on June 5th 2018, I celebrated my 25th Silver Anniversary of Ordination for the Diocese of Gary. Sadly, for me, there was no big celebration. We’ll get to that on some other entry if you choose to follow this blog. Where am I at in my journey? Well, thats kind of tough to say because I have a ways to go before I can heal fully. Currently I am living in an environment that is going to allow me to heal physically, mentally and spiritually.

Right now as a test of my computer skill and knowledge I’m going to attempt to insert a picture!

Yay! It worked! This is a picture of my beloved mother Rosie. Her real name is Rosaura. Like fusing Rose and Laura. We’ll just stick to Rosie.

She is turning 90 years old on August 29th. This Saturday on July 28th we are throwing a Surprise Birthday Party for her. I hope to post pictures of that this weekend. That’s it for now! Tune in again!

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