Praying for A Peaceful End.

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End of an Era!

I’ve been glued to CNN this morning watching the compound of the leader Khadafi (sp?) being overtaken. It’s strange watching all these mid-eastern nations fighting for freedom from oppressive governments and dictators. What’s confusing to me is what will replace the old regime? What type of government will make them a better nation? Libya is a tribal nation consisting of all sorts of ideologies and beliefs; what will offer them a peaceful life?

My thoughts and prayer is focused on peace and understanding especially for the people of Libya? I pray that their steps will be guided with wisdom and understanding. And of course, I pray that the hand of God will touch them. What more can I say about that?


3 thoughts on “Praying for A Peaceful End.

  1. carol says:

    I’ve been following this and I like how they have said there is no need for any country to send any military help. Praying for Libya…

  2. Nancy says:

    I like that they are asking for no help. A nation over there that can take of itself. What a concept. Now I am trying to account for friends on the east coast and making sure they are all okay after the earthquake.

  3. Gayle says:

    So . . . our country and the UN have done the right thing in Libya so far, haven’t we? This now becomes more evident, although the nay sayers still run around making noises like a bunch of naynay goats.

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