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My enthusiasm for the election of the next pope is high! I think we will see this selection of a new Pontiff as being pivotal in the life of the church. I don’t believe that drastic changes are in order as far as some of the high profile wish lists go. But I do believe that a spirit of newness will prevail. Our church needs to make some internal changes more than external changes. This may come off as vague and cryptic but I think it pinpoints the center of my anxiousness. We need change and I expect change. What does change mean in this regard? I think we need to really step on the sexual scandals in a way that is transparent and just. Our credibility in the church has been deeply diminished. It hurts when I hear people casually make light of some of the scandals that have rocked the church.

I have the reputation as being a jokester and a kidder. I love to laugh and I believe God gave me a great sense of humor. I believe those that know me understand that I love being a priest. When it comes to church business I am a serious, hard working person who believes in the basic precepts of the church. When it comes time to have fun, I love to laugh! But my love for the preservation of God’s church is first and foremost.

Some of the other more serious issues require much more than I can offer. Abortion is a horrible thing! Same-sex marriage is something I do not understand and cannot see it in God’s larger plan for humanity. After all the first command of the bible is to be fruitful and multiply.

I’m not sure what to think of married clergy since the church does not really offer a good pay. My problem with this firstly is not so much spiritual but  a quandary of asking is the church ready to change it’s structure to be able to support me and a wife….or kids! (Yet alone dogs and cats)!

I’m always telling my school kids that we are building God’s kingdom and I need their help. Sometimes it is through the eyes of children are we able to see that tangible connection to God.

My prayer today is for the Holy Spirit, that same Holy Spirit that rested upon our Lord Jesus Christ, to grant them courage and wisdom to bring God’s church and God’s people to the future!

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