The Truth!

I’ll be honest…..I’m a terrible blogger!

But, I’m also one busy dude. I’m finding how bored I am getting with Facebook and how it can really hurt relationships   or expose them for what they were or were not. Being in the public eye has suppressed what I would really like to scream out at times but discretion is vital. It’s hard to be silent in a culture that is so expulsive. And many times repulsive.

I am angry about our government on all levels with no party excluded. All these whiny babies on Capitol Hill who are messing with countless fabrications to make a point. I just wish everyone would work together and get something done.

The only positive thing I can say is that I am returning to something that I have been lacking and that is more private prayer time. I have a little chapel in my rectory that I find myself more and more relaxing in the presence of the Lord. It is there that I can really unload and leave there with a sense of peace. My critters all sit around me during prayer time and it is a mystery how even they can sense the presence of something good before them.

I am reclaiming the world around me and sometimes it is painful. There are so many lost, lonely and wandering folks that surround me and they look up to me to lead them to those “quiet waters!” At times it is overwhelming hence, back to the Chapel where I can lead on the Almighty for some guidance.

Summer is almost upon us and I look forward to being able to enjoy the summer heat and enjoy the nature around me. My parish is really doing so much better after being here four years. Looking back at all the drama and where I am today I can honestly sit back and give myself a tiny pat on the back. But the work isn’t over. And when it becomes difficult, the Lord is waiting for me to come and sit and enjoy the dialogue of hearts in the quietness of the moment.

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Spring….where are you?

Last week I was feeling very blue. I want warm weather. Who doesn’t? I look out my back kitchen window everyday imagining that it’s all set up for summer. The next big event at the parish is our summer festival which is from July 11 – 14th. It is a fun and busy time for all of us here as we hope to do another festival with a large bottom line. My focus will be to get more people involved and have them volunteer. Volunteering is one of the greatest gifts we can give and I do so appreciate all my folks who faithfully offer their stewardship to their parish.

With the approaching 50th Anniversary of our parish around the corner we would like to see a few things happen, such as re-doing the floor in the foyer, new seat pad cushions and ripping out the carpet in the church with something a little richer looking.

Our parish really needs to have a financial windfall hit us! If someone were to drop a couple of million dollars on us that would be terrific. I am also hoping to have a parish hall built with additional side rooms for conferences and for smaller events such as funeral luncheons and baby and/or bridal showers. the conference rooms would also double as classrooms for adult faith formation and community rooms for possible ministries such as Rainbows for All God’s Children, bereavement ministries or some 12 Step groups.

Sometimes my zeal gets the best of me. I only want what the parish really needs. I am asking you to continue your prayers for me and I will do likewise in kind!

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Preparing to Journey

It is just a little over a week before Lent begins. I have always enjoyed this season more than any other liturgical time. I guess it’s because the mood of the season that is so rich in tradition reminds me of when I was a little boy. I was fortunate to have lived during the time when the mass was still in Latin and we had all sorts of other traditions such as coving all the statues with purple. last March when I was in New York City I visited the St. Malachi’s which is also called the Actors Chapel. It is definitely one of those old churches before Vatican II. There was an attempt to make it a little of contemporary and old world. For some reason, it clashes. Not severely but enough to say that their was probably some turmoil as to how it should be done. Many times I think we need to preserve these churches the way they were.

Lent reminds me of growing up in Gary and attending church at Holy Rosary in the Brunswick neighborhood of Gary. Fr. Joseph Smith and Fr. Ambrose McGinnity were the priests I grew up with there. I am always moved to be a bit more reflective during this season too. That is a good thing because I believe it allows me to preach very well too. I do not see Lent as the time to put on a sorrowful face but rather a face that is seeking! It is, indeed, a time to journey. May you journey well.

Lent 2013

Lent 2013

A New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!


It’s the last day of November 2012 and it is the Feast of St. Andrew. Being that this is Friday I have been given some leeway to make the transition from Ordinary time to Advent. For my non-religious, non-Catholic friends, our liturgical season of Ordinary Time is green but Advent becomes deep blue & purple. For Christmas, we transition to white and then for a short while back to green and then purple in Lent. Did I confuse you? Sorry!

This morning as I presided at mass, one of my prayers was to ask people to use this time in Advent to prepare their hearts and minds for our Savior, Jesus Christ. I always want to elevate people’s attention to the fact that this season can bring about bad behavior. Most of it comes from the clutter of the secular world which pulls us away from the very heart of what we celebrate. The joy of Christmas is a circle of love, peace and joy that fills us with each yearly Christmas celebration, and sadly, it can be a terrible time for some who do not know the Lord and who suffer quietly.

I believe we need to mix our holiday cheer by extending ourselves to the lost, lonely and marginalized. We have an Angel tree in the foyer of our church. I get a little frustrated when I see people carefully looking for a little girl or a little baby on their Angel. If I happen to walk by and see this I will pull a tag off the tree and hand it to the person and tell them God told me to give this to them. Yes, it brings about a startled look but the point is that God has no favorites and that sometimes we need to walk blindly into something that will bring about the most good.

I believe we should have Christmas parties, bake cookies, sing Carols and do modest shopping. It is in these simple acts that we may gladden our hearts and let the Light of Christ enter into our hearts. So, Merry Christmas to all of you. There is so much activity going on in our parish community. It is exciting!

Another Season!

This Thanksgiving I will be hosting a dinner for a few friends. I always get a little weepy before I jump into the holidays. Weepy because of the memories I have of those whom I have loved and have gone home to God. But I always snap out of it and try to cheer myself by putting on the holiday music, decorating the house, make cookies and send out the Christmas cards!

This holiday I am thinking of my dad and how he will eat dinner at the nursing home instead of being with his family. It is distressing because he is somewhat difficult to manage and I cannot lift him very easily. If he was able to walk I would haul him here every weekend. This past week another one of my dad’s longtime friends passed away. The weird thing is this: just about all of my dad’s friends are gone now and my dad has been sick the longest! He has outlived just about all his friends. When I look at my dad I think he looks better than all of us. But it still saddens me when I look at this man who was my tower of strength, my protector and provider diminished to being stuck in a wheelchair. I suppose at the age of 88 years old he is doing very well. But I know this can change in a heart beat, in the smallest amount of time.

I hope I can live long enough to enjoy some retirement years and travel extensively. I would love to be the Chaplain of a Cruise ship and just sail the seas. We’ll just have to see what God has in store for me.

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Let’s Cook!

You may find this odd but I really am not that great of a fan of turkey. I wonder if Lobster had ever been discovered yet when the pilgrims roamed the earth, AND, if that would have changed our Thanksgiving fare! Butter and lemon dribbling down my chin as I sumptuously gobble up that delicious “chicken” of the sea!

But alas, we dine on the flesh of the dumbest bird on the earth. Let me move on to my favorite food for T-day! Pumpkin pie! Yes! I also make an awesome stuffing and a sweet potato casserole. This year I will be joined by the Dietrichs for the second year in a row. There may be others at the table as soon as it becomes clear as to who needs a place to celebrate.

This Thanksgiving will be one of great reflection for me. There are some things I need to work out and work on. Both in the parish and on a more personal level. I will be on retreat for two weeks in January and hopefully I can relax and decompress as the stress of working a large parish can take it’s toll. I worry more about my mental health. Not that I am going crazy, it is just that I need to refocus. Because of my humanity, the perfection factor does not exist, so, with that, I need to step back and take a good look at myself and ask God to help me be a better person and a better priest.

I am thankful for so many people whose lives I connect with every day. I am even grateful to my critics because I cannot internalize it as criticism but more as acts of love.

I am constantly being formed. Nothing is the same as yesterday. Please pray for me as I pray for you!

Almost over!

It’s a grey Sunday morning but things are looking up. For one thing I will be glad that the election will be over soon. I have never felt such an ugly divide in our country because of the persons we put in office to represent us. I mean it is “hate”! And I must admit I have been caught up in it also. I had to stop posting on my Facebook account because I was trudging through all the vitriol that was not even done in jest. I have unfriended and and been unfriended. Not that I equate who my REAL friends are by the number of friends I have on Facebook but this is ridiculous.

I will have to mend a few fences here and there but that’s okay. When I’m wrong, I’ll admit. But whenever I do that it means it is time to move on and make sure the lesson is learned. I cannot hold on to such silliness. it’s sort of like a whole new ball game with social media. Just like the writing of this blog is supposed to be therapeutic for me. But every now and then I’ll get someone who blasts me. If I know the person and they know me, thats different. But when people I don’t know accuse or threaten me then it changes things. This blog is NOT me. Get to know me and find out all the things we have in common.

Anyway…..I will vote and I hope you do too!

Respect Life!

We say it but do we know what it means? Do we know how to love it? Are you confused? Good, because so am I sometimes. When it comes to pro-life issues it can become such a hot button topic. People are passionate on both sides of the issue. As a priest I have had to sit in the confessional and listen to the stories and confessions of this terrible sin of abortion. Listening to stories of pain, guilt, misery, and wonderment are terribly sad and heartbreaking. The one thing I find as the common thread is the total lack of love that the person felt when they did this. We all need to love someone or something. If we don’t love ourselves first then how can we love others?

Just because it’s legal doesn’t make it right. When I say “right” I speak of how the sin of abortion does not make the problem go away. It invites other problems.

Our society may have the legal right to abort their children but our society cannot control the pain of loss that comes from it. Abortion doesn’t make anyone powerful because it gives them control over their bodies, in fact, it is the furthest thing away from liberating anyone from giving birth to a new God given life.

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Falling Over You!

I love the Autumn in the Midwest. There isn’t anything like it. The cool, crisp air, windows opened at night, fresh air, leaves turning colors, the smell of leaves, the Halloween decor and wearing all my sweaters. I never used to have sweaters just sweatshirts. I was too poor to own any and sweat shirts were more durable and practical. Each year I like to add a sweater or two to build up my collection. I think I have a dozen now. Of course, each year I take a few and hand them over to Goodwill or the local resale shop.

I think the most painful thing I have to do is put away the summer patio furniture and move all my plants inside. My vegetable garden did okay this year but once again an aggressive species of weeds invaded me in a three day period. Why can’t my veggies grow that fast? I think next year I will just plant flowers!

I noticed this year that that the forest surrounding the rectory has acorns. Last year there were no acorns which I thought was kind of strange. Yesterday I was sliding on them because they are so abundant. Someone told me that was a signal that winter was going to be harsh. Maybe so but I am always looking out for the wooly caterpillar. That is always a sure fire sign of a cold winter.

The parish is really gearing up for the change of seasons and some of the new changes I hope to implement this year. Of course, they are good changes. Finally I can say I have identified my leaders in the community. This is good because I have had to really look carefully for this type of transition. A transition that I hope will lighten my load.

God has been so good to me! Although I am tired and maybe even stressed out I can honestly say that all my needs are being met and I know there are many more blessings on their way.